The Ounce Scale

Early Child Developmental Checklist

An observational assessment should be organized around the six major development areas as a whole-child approach to track development and support early intervention for at-risk infants and toddlers.
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Personal connections: How children show they trust you

Feelings about self: How children express who they are

Relationships with other children: What children do around other children

Understanding and communicating: How children understand and communicate

Exploration and problem solving: How children explore and figure things out

Movement and coordination: How children move their bodies and use their hands to do things

The benefits of assessing all six major development areas in one assessment takes a natural, whole-child approach to observation and records development to support early intervention for at-risk infants and toddlers.

The Ounce Scale is an observational tool that supports all of the major development areas, with an optional online administration that provides immediate scoring and reporting.  It provides a structure to help parents and caregivers collaboratively observe a child's behaviors using a well-rounded assessment of the child's development areas, both in and outside of their home environment.  
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