Case Samples: Treating Struggling College Students

Incorporate screeners and assessments for more effective treatment

Pearson’s suite of assessment tools for college students helps you to understand how mental health and behavioral issues are impacting the students coming through your door. Every student experiences their distress differently, and we can help you get to the root cause and develop a treatment plan, if necessary. Below are brief examples of case studies with ideas on how you might use our assessments to begin addressing the symptoms your clients are experiencing.

 Riya, an 18-year-old female

Meet Riya, a gifted and talented student that had difficulty adjusting to being away from home when she moved away to college. 

James, an 18-year-old male

James moved out of state for college, and since leaving home has broken up with his girlfriend and has begun to drink alcohol on a regular basis.

Laura, a 22-year-old female

Laura has begun to lose noticeable amounts of weight since starting college. She has developed a stringent exercise routine and diet that she refuses to deviate from.

Min, a 21-year-old male

Min is brought into the counseling center in tears, and is overtly expressing concerns for his safety, feeling as if he is in a crisis, and wanting to kill himself.

These are not the full stories, of course—there’s lots of ongoing therapy and work that happens between the clinician and client to help resolve the symptoms. Pearson’s many assessments can help provide an objective way to identify issues and devise treatment plans. The specific tools you choose, and when you choose to administer them is up to you and the individual you are working with. Each of the tools mentioned can help provide a better understanding of both the specifics and the multitude of factors which are affecting your students.

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